Definition via Merriam-Webster:

verb | ˈhəm-bəl-ˌbrag | variants: humble-brag

To make a seemingly modest, self-critical, or casual statement or reference that is meant to draw attention to one's admirable or impressive qualities or achievements.

Google at the DNC

Working with Google on their presence at the Democratic National Convention for the election year that put President Barack Obama back in office was a career bucket list experience.

We transformed an open-air parking lot into a Google Village using a massive tent and shipping containers. The village was a perfect representation of the brand - bright, colorful, and googley (an actual design term). The space, which featured a YouTube studio for live broadcasts, focused on demos, networking, and fun programming throughout the week. 

L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth

Women of Worth, hosted annually by L’Oreal Paris, is one of those events that makes you feel really good about (wo)mankind. Penned “an event celebrating the power of women making a beautiful difference in the world,” it was always my ultimate goal to create an opulent experience for the honorees and attendees alike.

Hosted at the famed Pierre Hotel in NYC, the event featured lush floral, decadent meals, gorgeous wines, and custom branded tissues to wipe the many, many, happy tears. 

Audi of America A3 Launch Parties

Following an epic bi-costal launch party in NYC and LA, I worked closely with AoA to create an influencer marketing tour with a consistent brand experience in several smaller markets, including Boston, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Jersey City.

All events were hinged in good food and great music. Each featured local market celebrity chef partnerships (like David Chang of Momofuku) and popular local area DJs, including Questlove in Brooklyn and Jersey City. 

MKG-Wee's Playhouse

When my boss asked me to produce our company’s (infamous) annual summer party for the second time, I knew it was the highest compliment, followed only by the time he asked me to help produce his wedding (um, no pressure, right?).

We transformed our SoHo office into a raunchy take on all things Pee-Wee Herman with a dash of True Life: Paul Reubens Goes to the Movies (yeesh), dubbed MKG-Wee’s Playhouse.

The event garnered press from BizBash, Guest of a Guest, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mish-mashing the rest

Some of my work doesn't seem to pack up as nicely into a larger feature, but is still work I'm very proud of and wanted to showcase.

I've had the pleasure of working with airlines, apparel, beauty, beverages (spirits or otherwise), footwear, hospitality, magazines, and tech companies. And yet somehow, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel immensely lucky and I’m just getting started.